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About Us

Guangdong Save Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer to supply aluminum process line for aluminum extruder in China. We always conduct Research and Development about extrusion technology for aluminum and other related assemblies as well. We can also offer a design of whole line and technical supports for a user.

Since the beginning, we have been reaching our goal in providing top-quality manufacturing equipment because we believe it is our responsibility to increase the standards of China aluminium. --Energy saving, environment friendly and with high-level quality. The procedure is to improve automation level, decrease labor then carry out a processing technique with focus on extrusion technology. We will improve our innovation on extrusion technology and be unsparing in our demands for perfection to a technical front.

We manage a huge contingent of technicians, and 30% of our employees are composed of well-skilled and well-trained engineers who deal with extrusion techniques, automatic controlling, machinery design and manufacturing, hydraulic technology and the like to ensure our company’s technical strength. We also build a good management system from design, purchasing, machining, assembly, debugging and service to ensure the high quality and best service to our clients.

Having a good start, with a high-purpose and being a top-goal achiever are the main reasons that our company became the front of extrusion technology. There’s a line that says, “God helps those who help themselves”! We successfully designed a quenching system which is in line with the international standards, which lead to the break if foreign manufacturer monopolies in China. Because of these things, we eventually earned a reputation from government and expert as “GUANGDONG PRIVATE TECHNOLOGICAL ENTERPRISES”, be approved to “prelude production-teach-research project” and listed as one of the SEEDING ENTERPRISES in China.

People at Save like to cooperate with anyone who is interested in aluminum industry, and promote the industry to become better.

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