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A strict quality control is carried out in all aspects of production , from the acquisition of raw materials , all the way to delivery. Our plant is equipped with machine tools , a welding robot, CNC cutting machine and more . Usage of this advanced processing equipment allows for a high precision , and we never cut corners , demonstrated by our usage of high quality 304 stainless steel in the manufacturing process. We also provide opportunities for senior engineers to visit or further-study in well-established companies or technical training institutions. The communication and learning leads to an enhanced professional skill, which in turn offers better precision during the processing stage.

Pursuing a high quality manufacturing technology , cooperating with the best suppliers at home and abroad, and upgrading and refining our designs are all components that allow our company hold a leading position in the world for manufacturing quenching equipment.

From selection of raw materials at the very beginning, products' processing involves cutting, sandblasting , shearing, welding, finish machining, electronic control system and assembly.

Raw Materials :
Product quality is controlled from the very beginning. All equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, and all manufacturing technology conforms to international standards . Each electrical control system is also provided by leading manufacturers from both at home and abroad.

Plasma Cutting :
Our CNC plasma cutting machine is used to cut the 304 stainless steel plates , air bellows , and water covers. The plasma cutting machine also features a high cutting precision and all materials have a smooth appearance after cutting is complete . The CNC cutting machine can also carry out oxygen cutting, and features a maximum cutting thickness of 60mm .
Sandblasting :
We polish the surface of the materials using a large sandblasting machine .
Shearing :
The plate shearing machine shears steel plates into the desired size, based on design drawings .
Welding :
Robot welding not only guarantees the quality , accuracy and appearance of the equipment, but also greatly improves the production efficiency.
Welders are currently welding cooling table beam components.
Finish Machining :
CNC lathe finish machining: We use a CNC lathe for shaft processing and hole processing.
CNC lathe finish machining of aluminum drum: Aluminum drum parts processed using the CNC lathe have a high concentricity . High dimensional accuracy, and beautiful appearance.
Numerical display milling machine finish machining : We carry out key milling and other finish machining using a numeric display milling machine . Milling machining of the fixed plate with holes using a numeric display milling machine.

Finish machining of rocker drilling machine: A rocker drilling machine is used for drilling , tapping and other operations of the quenching equipment parts. The machine can be used on materials up to 70mm thick.

Electronic Control System
Electric control system high-voltage electrical box: The internal components of our electrical control system are provided by international known suppliers from both at home and abroad . The electric control cabinet is large, and features an excellent heat dissipation and sealing performance, as well as a water dust resistant structure. ABB frequency converter with stable performance and high precision imported German Schneider electrical protector, contactor , intermediate relay. Siemens PLC intelligent module, control system, electricity box , Schneider electronic intermediate relay.
Electronic control system console :
Our electronic control system console uses an imported Siemens touch screen , Siemens original human-machine interface operating system, and Schneider button.
Intelligent control system: Water - cooling , air-cooling and mechanical operations are all done using PLC control.
The control system not only promotes simple and convenient operation of the equipment , but also helps to achieve the desired technological index. Equipped with touch screen for operation control and technological parameters adjustment, the machine has parameter memory of the control system to save the proper quenching process for each profile. When producing the save profile for the second time, parameters are directly transferred to the machine and the machine automatically carries out the quenching process, effectively improving the adjustment efficiency .
Assembly workers assemble electronic control system.
Assembly :
(1) Assembly area: The qualified parts are assembled in the assembly area. We are now assembling air bellows and trusses
(2) Assembly workers are correcting the lifting system of the quenching machine with a spirit level.
(3) Online quenching felt roller. The drum has a high temperature (600 ℃)resistance and low resistance .
(4) Assembled core components of the online quenching system.
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