Save Quenching Equipment Is Used In Aluminum Case of Apple Products
Dec 19,2017

In May 2014, a Taiwanese aluminium manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as Taiwan H company) consulted us about online quenching equipment, and mentioned that Apple Inc (hereinafter referred to as America A company) gave them our reference, only using Save quenching equipment can produce desired qualified products.

To our pleasure, since 2011, we have already supplied quenching equipment to a domestic Apple Inc authorized aluminium factory. Because of its strict qualification assessment for downstream suppliers, especially the production equipment and quality control process of output products, few domestic equipment manufacturers are competed. The common products are aluminium sheets with a width of 300mm and a thickness of 10mm or more. Within the unit area, eight points in both vertical and horizontal are randomly taken to analyze the uniformity of elements arrangement, hardness and tolerance of straightness. If the test results are within the range of ±0.01mm, it will be regarded as passed, otherwise failed.

The quenching equipment designed by our company has played a key role in the production process due to its unique and reasonable design, the profile can meet and exceed the expected quality requirements. To be a qualified supplier of America A company, it is a basic requirement to have high quality online quenching equipment, so Taiwan H company came to visit our company and decided to purchase two sets of online quenching equipment. Actually Taiwan H company was planned to purchase 5 sets of online quenching equipment, because we are the first Chinese supplier, Taiwan H company had to order three online quenching equipment from an Italian company. On November 11, 2014, Taiwan H company signed a contract with our company for 2 sets of 2750-ton online quenching equipment, which was shipped in March 2015 and completed installation and debugging in May 2015. The yield rate is very high with zero failure rate during ope ration. Taiwan H company spoke highly of our unique design and excellent quality, and the director told us personally that we have changed their former ideas!

Therefore, in October 2015, Taiwan H company and our company signed another 2,750-ton online quenching equipment. Unexpectedly, the customer placed the order to our company without on-site visiting. When our company informed Taiwan H company to come to inspect the goods before delivery, they replied, "We can rest assured that we won't have to test!". In February 2016, the equipment was put into production smoothly. We are also deeply moved by the high evaluation of the customer, and we feel that only when we provide high quality products can be satisfactory to our customers. It's a win-win!

Due to the good reputation from the first Taiwanese customer and increased trust, our company has received orders from other Taiwanese customers successively, who claimed that no inspection after the completion of equipment production. In the following orders, our company has earned highly praise in Taiwan for high quality of our equipment, regular return visit and good after-sales service.
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